Critique at University of Virginia
Critique at University of Virginia

A Circus’ Act: Stratifying Re-inhabitation

This project was developed by Christos Xenofontos as a student from University of Nicosia and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Facilities category.

Speculating about the future situation around Buffer Zone, Nicosia, Cyprus one might just project current situations. The de facto creation of two states will lead to two de jure states with the new edge conditions  of buffer zone acting as the border of the two states.

While in the south the urban fabric is pushing the current military defence lines, the urban fabric in the north is drawn back. This is evident through the observations as the south military edge conditions are found pliable and permeable while on the north are strict and performing as a backdrop to the everydayness, hiding in the backstage all military activities.

The removal of the military defence zones will be eventually taken over by the developing urban fabrics but initial hesitation will be at place.

The removal of the military defence lines create a terrain vague, which a new catalytic activity is required  to take over and act as the first layer of inhabitation providing all the infrastructural necessities to attract both the pressing and indifferent urban fabrics,, of south and north respectively.

While a lot of activities may act as a catalyst in this case  circus activities, school and community are found appropriate for this case.

The circus becomes the new backdrop to the everydayness and the buffer zone from inert becomes active

A new situation is provided … to relieve/ alleviate the pressing urban fabrics