Pinup at Newcastle University
Pinup at Newcastle University

Apartment Building

This project was developed by Anastasia Rapti as a student from Frederick university and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Residential category.

The study plot in which the apartment building is constructed is located in the old town of Nicosia, a cosmopolitan capital of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean.

Architectural description

The apartment building has a distinctive presence in the city, while at the same time it emits a special dynamic. The views are shaped by repeated large openings and continuous balconies that offer view to the city and the pool. From the level of the equine, the structure of the building creates interesting optical fugitives.

The building consists of two distinct volumes where the internal structure and function is displayed. The connection of the two volumes, having a different height, is carried out via the ramps. There are two entrances for the block of flats, one from the north and one from the West. On the front of the building are the public spaces including the pool on the last floor. On the back of the building, and specifically at the ground floor, there is a playground. Going to the next floor we meet the kindergarten. Going up to the third floor we face a multi-use room. On the fourth floor there is a center of sport and well-being for the needs of the residents of the apartment building. From the fifth floor up to the 11 floors there are light and comfortable high standard apartments. By completing the typological rotation of the apartments combined with the design of various openings and extrusions, we are able to break down the volume and the unified appearance of the building in a way that is not decorative. These elements created a building with a willingness to communicate with the structured environment but also with light.


Construction materials

The materials used are reinforced concrete and painted white coatings and metal and glass railings.