Studio Class at UC Berkeley
Studio Class at UC Berkeley


This project was developed by Nibras Noor as a student from Ahsanullah university of science & technology and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Facilities category.


Benapole is a township in Sharsha Upazila in the Jessore District of Bangladesh.Benapole is the largest of the landports in Bangladesh. It handles more than 80% of cross border trade with india owing to its proximity to calcutta. about 90% of the imported indian goods enter Bangladesh through BPL.
Average 2000 passengers and 600-700 trucks of goods are passed through this point everyday but it was never organized in orderly and systematic way.Moreover calcutta is connected with Dhaka by road through Benapole. So maximum tourists use this port as their entry and exit point for india.

There is a railway line in the south of the site.After the war between India and Pakistan in 1946,the railway connection between india and Bangladesh through Benapole was permanently close. As this was being designed for the future however,an attempt was made to make a railway terminal along with bus terminal and cargo terminal cooperate together.


For designing a landport,the major challange is to solve the circulation properly and to maintain a clear traffic system. As landport is a secured area, from the complexity of solving the circulation pattern,i developed my concept STRAIGHT PATH. My main consideration was to design a clear,straight and simple circulation pattern so that traffic system can run moothly and properly. Moreover as i was designing the most important landport between INDIA and BANGLADESH, my idea was to bring this two country more together through my project. The relationship between India and Bangladesh should be more straight and simple and clean. There shouldn’t be any collision between this two country and their diplomatic relationship should be more simple and straight.

Thus either as a goods or touristis exchange, Benapole port has a great scope to develope. As a result its function especially facilities should be housed in a planned way to perform all the tasks more smoothly and effectively .

It would not only manage the system more smoothly but also reduce the harassment of the tourists. More tourist facilities can also be accommodated . Benapole can also earn a huge amount of money in exchange of its services both in tourists and port facilities. Thus from an ultimate chaos,the simple decision of designing the place can bring both money and comfort.