Studio Class at Yale University
Studio Class at Yale University

Bibloteca Argentina Sur

This project was developed by Cindi Caggiano as a student from Facultad de Arquitectura, Planeamiento y Diseño and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Facilities category.

This is a public library, planned to become part of  the south of my city. It provides an entrance hall, a Lecture room and an art studio on the last floor for anyone how wants to be involved in there neighborhood activities. It also has a coffee shop in the first floor, and an open theater on the roof.  It is located next to an intersection of two important streets of my city, leaving behind a beautiful park, that I wanted it to be felt as part of the public building and also part of the city, like if the three of them were connected as one.

My desire was that this connection would be felt while circulating  the building so i planned an unique ramp connecting the different levels, beginning at the paths of the park outside the library and ending at the lecture room. Not only are the different floors connected by walking but also there is nothing stopping the view from watching through all the rooms. Although the art studio has not a walking connection with the other rooms of the building, there is a visual connection between all of them!

In addition, I should say that my files may have low resolution, to my knowledge, because I usually work with vector programs and not pixels so the resolutions gets lower when exporting the file. If needing