Studio Class at Umeå University
Studio Class at Umeå University

Built On. Strategies for the energy renovation of the ATER building heritage.

This project was developed by giulia spagnuolo as a student from Roma Tre and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Residential category.

“Can an intervention aimed at modernizing the whole building be sustainable from an economic point of view?”

Considering the new European objectives on energy saving, the challenging economic context we live in and ATER’s (Agency for public residential buildings) need to modernize private buildings, a specific intervention strategy, which can be applied at national level, has been outlined.

The outlined strategy deals with the entire challenging project, by guaranteeing energy, seismic and functional efficiency by means of a modular approach on interventions, which is defined based on both investors’ needs and resources.

At the time being, more than half of the existing buildings need to be renewed as soon as possible due to the fact that they are energy-consuming, ancient, vulnerable and inadequate.

This is the challenge architects have to tackle nowadays: that is, proposing a sustainable intervention strategy, by means of which buildings can be modernized, their value can be increased and the production of positive cash flow can be possible.

The present thesis aims at proposing a brand-new integrated approach to modernization and it could be considered as a very first step in redefining the role of architects, which is more and more at the core of the economic and social context of our country.