Critique at University of Virginia
Critique at University of Virginia


This project was developed by Giuseppe Andrea Maggio as a student from Università di Parma and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Facilities category.

This project is part of a masterplan called “Mastercampus” which is developed by professionals of the building sector in Parma. The University of Parma is located all over the city land, from downtown to the suburbs moreover in a big area of the south suburb there’s the Campus.

The Campus is characterized by a really various types of activities, first of all, a lot of students frequent the scientific departments of the University, secondary there are also the professors and other directive employees and finally in this area found a place the University Centre for the Sports, so there are several people that spend only a few hours or all the day on this site.

Campus Nest born from an idea of our Professor of the 3rd year of study who was interested in build a nursery school in an empty site of the Campus. This type of building can give the opportunity to a lot of people to have a safe place in a quiet part of the city where leave the children, and it’s also convenient for all those who work there.

From the first time, we wanted to recreate a nursey that looks like a nest and this because in Italian NEST=NIDO and NURSERY=ASILO NIDO so we tried to work on this joke. The building is very different from all the others, and this is a peculiarity that we marked. Another space is the daily center for the seniors, it’s downstairs compared to the nursery, but they have a big square on the front.