Pinup at Newcastle University
Pinup at Newcastle University

Chinese style house

This project was developed by Grigor Milosevic as a student from University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Housing category.

As an introduction to our first year of study we were supossed to choose a country and make a modern house inspired by national tradition.

I chose Chinese culture because of it’s blending with nature and zen ideas.

The house is a simple concept and is made completely of wood and glass, with little metal parts, so it goes nice in a countryside or woods landscape. The construction is on pillars and two bearing walls and the walls are thick enough for water pipes. It is made for the average chinese family of 2 parents and 2.58 kids(statisticly). So the first floor of the house has a master bedroom for the parents and 2 single bedrooms that can be made into double with a bunk-bed, which makes it optimal for 2 kids, but flexible enough for 3 or even 4. The interior is based on tradition, with a modern influence. The ground level has the kitchen, living and dining are all connected in a traditional great room, a small study and bathroom are also on the ground floor. The terrace is an open space for parties and activities, with a covered area for indoor sitting and a large outdoor for plants and herbs, so the family can spend time outdoors when the weather is nice and go in when it is raining, the terrace can actually be much more interesting than a TV

The house exterior is simple so it does not distract from the beauties of nature and completely dissapears in it when covered by flowers and plants.

A lot of thought and research went into this project, i hope you like it