Pinup at Newcastle University
Pinup at Newcastle University

CIUDAD, CULTURA Y DEPORTE “MANITAS”, Mejoramiento integral de áreas habitables afectadas por corredores de cable aéreo

This project was developed by Daniela Hernández as a student from Universidad de la Salle and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Facilities category.

Ciudad Bolivar is one of the 20 districts of Bogotá, this is characterized as a predominantly rural (70%), in which there is a population density of 32,704.07 inhabitants per km2; what makes it one of the densest and most populated. This district has an accelerated and unplanned growth, which has generated several urban deficits whose solutions are hampered by the topography it presents; To solve the problem of mobility and transport in one of the steepest sections of the city, is has been building the first line cablecar in Bogotá.

The general objective is to propose a comprehensive improvement plan in the area of influence “Manitas” cablecar station, including the development of specific projects requested by the community to improve their quality of life; taking into account the urban deficits of the territory and thus giving vitality to the sector together with the community to generate a strong social fabric.

The urban proposal is composed of a boulevard of orchards, commercial points, squares, housing for the current inhabitants of the property, soccer field and skate park.

The architectural proposal consists of 3 volumes connected by public space related to the slope of the sector; these are: the volume of the pools: semi-Olympic and recreational that has a combined structure of reinforced concrete porticos with double trusses in wood; for ventilation and lighting has a vertical  opens on the roof that is passable, the second is the library-playroom that is a space for culture and its main visual is the city and the third is the multiple field that has structure, system of ventilation and lighting that the pools volume; These volumes function as zonal equipment for culture and sport in the sector to obtain a social gain.