Critique at University of Virginia
Critique at University of Virginia

Daily In-Between Spaces Multi-Ethnic Melaka Community Centre

This project was developed by JuiChen Yang as a student from Tunghai University and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Facilities category.

daily in-between spaces

multi-ethnic Melaka community centre


Cities abound with in-between spaces.

Such spaces are inadvertently born from the incessant diversification of a city’s components.

Increasingly, it is important that we breathe new life into in-between spaces for the sake of resolving wide-ranging social needs and issues.

By through exchange and co-creation with visitors to the city, we create a varying meaning and value new public places.


Constructed by two different orders, the created and the original, the diversity in-between space filled in the public and private.

From individual space to household community, from household community to urban public space.

And changes of spaces become architecture, an in-between space associates with personal and public.


depart, connect, in-between

layer, layer and layer

become activity place or a probable landscape