Studio Class at UC Berkeley
Studio Class at UC Berkeley

desAhogo (Relief)

This project was developed by Jaime Cubero zapata as a student from Escuela técnica superior de arquitectura de granada(ETSAG) and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Residential category.

In an empty urban space very close to the center of the city of Granada, a residential fabric with equipment is proposed.
A space within a CITY is never empty, it may be that it is not ordered or that it does not have an associated or concrete function.
This space has served as a point of reference to his neighborhood for having characteristics that differentiated it from the rest.
Now a project appears that densifies that space, and that makes it stop belonging, because it is unoccupied, to the clandestine public domain, almost as a refuge for those who do not find a place within Granada. Enclosed by a wall that contains all that, which has protected that location like a skin.
Maintaining that reference through the wall has been one of the priorities of the project, inserting a public space that through the section is related to private habitats, generate routes that connect the market space with the gardens in height and that bring back ” la vega ”, the crops and the Arab garden to a city that still maintains that essence.

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