Studio Class at Umeå University
Studio Class at Umeå University

GatherHub Balat

This project was developed by AREK ALTIPARMAK as a student from Kadir Has University and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Residential category.

GatherHub Balat

GatherHub Balat is a Co-Housing project located in a historic area called Balat in Istanbul, Turkey. It features dorm-style housing units for students. It serves as a passage between the banks of Golden Horn and Balat. It gives a playground for the children in Balat. It has an agricultural production. It gives an option to consumers to buy organic products from its market. It has an art gallery. It has study rooms which are open to public.

Problem Definition in Balat

There is a huge park in the shore of Balat but it’s not particularly in use. Problem is the access to the park. As you can see from the map, the housing block becomes an obstacle between the neighborhood and the park. There are only two streets which are opening a path to the coast but they are both so far from the center of the neighborhood which is where the two main streets, Vodina and Ayan, intersects. So this block has an importance and has a lot of potential in an urban scale. There is a need to turn this block of buildings into a transition area, a threshold that connects Balat to the park.

While reaching this goal, the following elements should be considered in designing:

1.The form of this block shouldn’t change because of it’s history of hundreds of years.

2.A new space for commercial activity should be provided for the former shopkeepers.

3.Former tenants should be housed.

4.A wide open area is needed for the children as a playgroung since there isn’t any in Balat.

5.There are many higher education schools in the area so the project may be designed for students.