Studio Class at Auburn University
Studio Class at Auburn University

Geometrical House

This project was developed by Francesco Stancanelli as a student from Scuola di Architettura di Siracusa S.D.S. and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Housing category.

Located in the magnificent island of Ortigia, Syracuse, the project is developed in compliance with the issues of bio-architecture,
Adopting a system of dry construction and with prevalent use of wood.
The objective set for the easy construction, but also the decomposition, of this small architectural object destined to welcome future guests, visitors and scholars, has been combined with the suggestion of a unitary environment capable of showing “didactic” the technologies and construction methods adopted.
The project is fortunate to come to life in the magnificent area of ​​the Maniace Arena, which enjoys a splendid view of the sea on three sides. from the aparte of the “Rising Sun” a magnificent view on the horizon, on the south side, a magnificent view of the Maniace castle, the former residence of Federico II of Svevia, and from the west side overlooks the entire Siracusan coast of the plemmirio. The interior of this passive house is to look long these three landscapes, trying to orient the openings along these views creating real “square” projects. Each opening is designed to let the light of the hours filter through the long shadows, creating a suggestive environment full of light and dark inside the house. In addition, the exterior is designed to extend, welcoming outside, thanks to a large audience, the largest public of any small cultural events.
The rigorous elementary geometries that accompany the project’s genesis (circle, square and triangle), through intersections and contaminations, are dissolved in the fluidity and dynamism of an interior space that is defined exclusively by the three inclined and “variable” layers of the roof.
Their fluid modeling is dialectically confronted with the horizontal plane of the trampling raised from the ground and with the vertical plane of the dividing element of the services.