Studio Class at Umeå University
Studio Class at Umeå University

Courtyard for a family

This project was developed by Jeongwoo Song as a student from Seoul National University and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Housing category.

Recently, my family moved out from an apartment that we have been living in for over 10years. This gave me a chance to think about the apartment. (image 1,2) The first was about outer space. In the apartment the balcony was the outer space, but inappropriate. Additionally, I had skeptical views about outer courtyards.

1.What if it rains?.

  1. Will it be used properly? / What should outer courtyards be used as?

To these questions, I suggest an Inner Courtyard. It is a substitute for the outer courtyard in case of  bad weather, and it is a space that does not need specific activities to be done.

The second was about privacy. Even though every family member has their own private rooms, the hallway is the element that can break the privacy. Therefore, I located the rooms not to have a hallway by using various levels. Additionally, rooms that are close to the living room (which is more open), is for sleeping or working. To provide more privacy a very private room is connected to the basement of the house. Since the initial concepts were from my family’s old apartment, I thought of a house for a family with with two children.

Placing the rooms in the house started with the main living room on the ground floor. To the street side(South) from the living room are more open spaces such as the movie room, library, kitchen. And the inner part(North) from the living room are the two bedrooms and a master bedroom. The Northern part of the masses and the Southern part of the masses have their own levels of floors. The two big masses are again connected at the third floor by the “Inner Courtyard”.