Studio Class at Yale University
Studio Class at Yale University


This project was developed by ANGELIS CENTOFANTI as a student from UNIVERSIDAD DE ORIENTE and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Housing category.

Housemosys translates to the transformation of social behavior by including the architectural development of multi-purpose spaces from the development of a system modular, adaptable, transportable and with a progressive growth. This architectural proposal is a flexible solution, viable, adaptable to extreme temperatures, economically and environmentally feasible

One of the objectives of the system is its transport, which at the same time limits the ability of design, but provides an invaluable feature for residential deficit solution in the areas of Venezuela where it is difficult the implementation of spaces for the needy without alteration of adjacent areas. This proposal offers its users the possibility of the progressive growth of the spaces, with the addition of several modules, promoting inclusion and overcoming both the individual and the collective. The development of this system is generated in workshops, away from the implantation, facilitating the construction of these by hand of the communities.

This modular prototype is applicable for other uses besides the residential one, such as itinerant homes for natural disasters, hotels, modular schools for people with limited resources, primary hospital care units for rural areas or any space that needs to be transported to places of difficult access. Although the prototype is designed to be transported from the factory to the location, it is also intended that its use be to solve extreme solutions, such as natural disasters or rural areas of difficult access, which require primary residential, hospital or educational.