Studio Class at AA School of Architecture
Studio Class at AA School of Architecture

Housing Units for Immigrants and Asylum Seekers

This project was developed by Anni Shiakalli as a student from Frederick University Cyprus and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Residential category.

The project being studied was based on architectural design and cultural environment. A large number of migrants asylum seekers leave their homeland and looking for a better quality of life in Europe.They need housing that will provide them with a temporary, dignified and safe stay in the new for them homeland. This type of building could be described as special because it seems to hosting the migrants and asylum seekers temporally.

The study area is located in Cyprus near the centre of Nicosia where the old hospital was located. The area gathers different uses but very important we can say that is its proximity to other public buildings. Due to its central location the area is characterized by intense vegetation and for its vicinity with the linear park and the river of Pediaios.

In addition to this, it is considerable to say that that location is connected with the municipal Garden of Nicosia which can be used as a guest location for foreign worker during public holidays. There is an increase density of construction in this area with modern high rise buildings.

This architectural idea born on the basis of the vegetation that exists in the area. Those people are coming for a fixed period of six months to leave their stigma through the urban farming-gardening idea in which they will cultivate and plant.The idea came out of being the guests more proper with this green environment.The units will have private gardens on their roofs,hence the migrants will have a connection with the nature and a friendly and pleasant stay in Cyprus.There are also common areas such as the library, the dining area, where all the guests can come together.