Pinup at Newcastle University
Pinup at Newcastle University

Inside Out

This project was developed by Era Keri as a student from Ecole Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne EPFL and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Facilities category.

Located at the far end of the Eulji-Ro, an abandoned gallery in Seoul, South Korea,
The project consists of one entrance linking three levels in order to ensure a smooth flow during each transition.

It spreads in parallel with the axis of the gallery, taking the shape of an emerging prism, spanning across Eulji-Ro Boulevard and the sidewalk.

The program of the project aims at being multifunctional. Its primary purpose is obviously providing access to the gallery and to the subway platforms.
The intent with the other aspects of the program resides with the character of the three
levels laid-out and articulated in a way that expresses a game of porosity between each.

Each access allows serving at first the gallery, then both platforms of the subway station. At the gallery level, the project proposes digging the tunnel laterally to extend the shopping area, where various food shops and restaurants could nest on either side of the prism.

The project aims as well to mark significantly this end of the tunnel and to give the inhabitants of this neighborhood a place to meet and to socialize, hile sheltered from the frenzy of Seoul.

A network of stairs crosses the surface and the gallery in order to connect them with the subway level. This access network is contained in a volume made of glass and steel, thus creating an intermediate: a bubble isolated from the city hectic, both at the surface as well as underground, where everyone is free halting to enjoy some more peaceful and restful time.
The glass prism is articulated according to a grid of axis that are five meters apart, responding to the rhythm of the original structure that presents itself in form of columns. This framework gives rhythm not only to the metallic structure but also to the entire internal structure of the project.