Studio Class at AA School of Architecture
Studio Class at AA School of Architecture

Landscape Islands

This project was developed by Renáta Mitrová as a student from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Residential category.

This project represents the speculative housing development of the southern suburbia of Vienna. Master plan is a reaction on the inclining density and lack of the housing typology definition of the neighboring areas. Plan adapts the reversed footprint of the 7th district´s “Hof” typology and works carefully with the existing site´s topological context.  Positive qualities of the Bologna´s rich public urban rooms and network of hidden aisles = urban niches were impulse to research Viennese districts through the same lenses. The programmatic division (80% housing + 20% public as in the 7th district) was enhanced through the new catalogue of urban rooms and various housing types. Low density and big distances between the linear structures set the particular character of: 1. lively public streets, and 2. housing typologies, which benefit from the views into the natural landscape changing in the yearly seasons.


Author1: Renáta Mitrová

Author2: Ivan Jakaric