Studio Class at UC Berkeley
Studio Class at UC Berkeley

Little Modern House

This project was developed by Maria Mavrou as a student from Frederick Univercity and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Housing category.

Little Modern House in Nicosia, Cyprus

The just nine meters wide site is sandwiched between old listed buildings within the Venetian walls of Nicosia city, in Cyprus. It is only one hundred and thirty square meters and the Planning Department allows covering up seventy percent of total area.

Due to the different level of roads, lined buildings appear as two storeys in the southern street whereas in the northern street appear as three storeys.

My aim is to create a sharp contrast in order to highlight the beauty of the surroundings. The school project was about a young couple that just moved into the city that runs a small bookstore in the city centre and plans to settle here for good.

Both lower ground floor and ground floor flush to the street levels, allowing easier access into the house when carrying boxes of books.

The interior consists of three slabs that divide the space in three floors:  the lower ground floor with kitchen and day room, the ground floor with living area and big library and the first floor with two bedrooms, bathroom and two bedroom terraces.

Two voids are carefully located to create openness and airy spaces. When standing, either on the living area or on the library, you can view the day room. Furthermore when standing on the bedroom’s hall, you have a view of the living area. This game between the connections of the house living areas gives the sense of a much bigger space.

Front and rear elevations are separated into two pieces by using different kind of roofs and different materials in order to create elongated facades. Big square windows and openings allow beautiful views towards the Venetian walls and the rich historic neighbourhoods of the capital.

Even though, the new construction feels foreign at first look, in my opinion it would be unfair to imitate the old surroundings and mixed up time.