Critique at University of Virginia
Critique at University of Virginia

Living Landscape- One Room

This project was developed by JuiChen Yang as a student from Tunghai University and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Housing category.

From one to all /Reconstruction of living landscape

Modulated living space /Expanded residential space

one = all(integrity, similarity)
one ≠ one(individual, difference )

Home, to me, is started from our own-selves, forming by the relationship between one and other.
So, it shouldn’t be made up by separated rooms but be summed of functional spaces. When those functional spaces be connected by human activities, the “home” be created .Therefore, instead of a space be formed by walls, “home” is be defined into functional spaces by using different height of plats. And, different sense of distance fill the separated, yet connected spaces.

Cut a cube by its diagonal, creating three kinds of basic units with different spatial properties such as compression, open and direction. All units provide new spatial experience, a rotaion of 45 degrees instead of common x,y axis.

In formation, starting from a point and draw a clearly straight line to create plane.Then, move, rotate the plats in the plane to broke the clearly boundary between up and down.