Studio Class at Yale University
Studio Class at Yale University

Mleiha Art Gallery

This project was developed by Farah Abou Hamza as a student from American University of Sharjah and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Facilities category.

As part of our final year project we were required to design a complex which has a strong relationship to the art and history of Mleiha in the UAE. This gallery center exhibits traditional art forms displayed in specifically designed spaces.

I was intrigued by the ability of traditional music to combine and overlap a variety of layers and instruments to produce a single composition. Each layer is distinct and communicates a different function yet they all interact with each other to form a continuous and flowing harmony.

Architecture can form a parallel relationship to music and begin to incorporate a layered system which combines a variety of experiential spaces to produce one flowing design. As you peel the form of the building the different layers that make it up begin to stand out and illustrate the integration of experiences into the overall structure.