Studio Class at UC Berkeley
Studio Class at UC Berkeley

Mobile living unit KARVI

This project was developed by Andraž Rudi Vrhovšek as a student from University of Ljubljana, Academy of Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Housing category.

The brief requested that design would be: A small surface area unit that can easily accommodate two or more users through all year.

Unit to be of the size that can be easily transported through Europe with a lorry.

A unit to fit in the Scandinavian environment, and could also be fitted in other environments.

The concept of this living unit is reaching to the different types of accommodation, from living units and traveling tents to sailing boats and mountain shelters. Each of them offers us a unique experience of living. With that in mind, I in this process strived to search for new perception and the principles of living spaces.

with personal strive of designing small spaces, I chose to design a living unit for two users with the surface area of 15 square meters. Architecture for the set environment required the design to be durable even in the harshest of weathers. Classical gable roof structure would work best in those conditions, but with the quest for the more attractive and diverse architecture, it brought me to the solution of (cut) angled roof, which gave an interesting perception of a unit from outdoors as well as from indoors. To make a unit normally habitable in the complicated Scandinavian environment where the shortage or surplus of light is permanently present, there is a need of establishing the proper surfaces that enable the flow of light through the entire space of warm materials.

The dynamic of the interior reminds the user of a space of a sailing boat, that’s why the name of the unit took after the type of a Viking ship, KARVI.


P.S. The presentation images were modified for Web use, so the colors in print may differ themselves to the ones on the submission page.


Andraž Rudi Vrhovšek