Studio Class at AA School of Architecture
Studio Class at AA School of Architecture

Modular residential building

This project was developed by Danica Novakovic as a student from Tambov State Technical University and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Residential category.

Location: Tambov, Russia

Course: Architectural Design.

Date: 7 semester -September and October 2016

Project status: individual project

Mentors: Amelyanc A.A., Grishova T.A., Starkova T.V

Project consits of typology of prefabricated model blocks that combine together to form a building. One block equals to one appartmant. The modules are developed using a measurment module of 300 mm. Modules are montajed on central core consisting of staircases and elevators. This element is also modular, it has a smoke free staircase and elevator elements and is surrounded by corridors from three sides. Appartmant modules dock around these corridores where openings are prepared for montaje of appartment doors.  Thaks to the use of modular measurements many variations are possible when it comes to arranging the modules.

The modules are stacked in varous arraingments, different on every floor in regards to privacy and maximizing the surfaces of terraces. With this way of building, variety is achieved from identical, boring modular units. Future inhabitants could order any module they prefer with any of given kind of finishing from the factory. Module would be transported to the site and montaged on any free spot in the structure (given that it doesn’t disturb the neighbours). By this process the form of the building is shaped organicly,by its tenants.  Due to chaotic formation the building achieves a fractal feeling and appears as a part of the nature. Added adventage is possibility of growing the building in height. When any floor gets filled in, the only thing neccessary is to montage another set of staircase modules and the new floor is ready to begin.

Finishes are chosen on basis of compatibility. It is all natural materials with neutral color scheme so that any variation would be preasing to the eye. Tenants have the opportunity to choose the layout, position and finishes of their modules.