Pinup at Newcastle University
Pinup at Newcastle University

Monumental architecture of the hotel

This project was developed by Pavel Yakolcevich as a student from Brest state technical University (Brgtu) and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Residential category.

Functionally the hotel is divided into four main groups:1) residential (number) 2) public (canteen, cafe, sports block, meeting rooms and entertainment)3) the economic part of the landowner. Tourist назначения4)lobby.
The four blocks are connected. Of them in each block will affect their functions and related to each other. The building will be applied to wooden materials, the architectural style of the monument (Belarus,city Brest fortress), living plants,design bird houses, birds, other inhabitants of the animal world in Brest, to make the building less visible and to fit into the environment.

The hotel with favorable habitat for birds and people , reunites with nature will surely bring results. And people will often visit the hotel. It is the task of the architect to decide how the building will affect people and the environment.