Studio Class at Yale University
Studio Class at Yale University

Multifunctional Stadium

This project was developed by Pengyu Chen as a student from Chalmers university of Technology and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Facilities category.

Due to the need to hold the construction of sports venues and a large audience, sports architectures usually have the character of large span structures and functional streamline in organization. As a large building, a stadium tends to be the landmark of a university, which should be represented by away of appropriate structure and design. The site is located at China University of Mining and Technology.

The project aims to build a muti-fuctional sports center for the campus. The stadium should meet the basic requirements like gyms, training, performance, exhibition and teaching. Also, it should have the ability to hold professional competitions. More importantly, the sports center should serve the nearby community and the public.

The most chanllenging  part of the design is to organize various functional spaces within limited conditions, simultaneously taking the cost, material, structure and building technology into account. I reasonably hope to utilize Origami in this project, which combines the construction and concept.