Critique at University of Virginia
Critique at University of Virginia


This project was developed by Anastasiya Garshina as a student from Samara State Tecnical University and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Facilities category.

The presented project is a multifunctional public building in Russia, in Samara. The main function is the museum and the expocenter. The building is supposed to be built in the historic part of the city instead of parking. This place and function for the building were chosen after a detailed analysis of the territory.
On the examined piece of the city there are several important museums for the city. With the help of the new building, it is possible to bring all the museums together into one museum complex and attract more people to the area.
The considered territory of the city is interesting in that it collected all the variety of Russian architecture: from wooden architecture to modern buildings. My building does not fit into any existing styles there, it is unusual and new for this territory.
The public building includes the following functional blocks: Museum, expocenter, bookstore, media library, classrooms, cafes. Blocks do not have clear boundaries, one space flows into another.
The museum is dedicated to the history of Russian literature and printing. The exposition is divided into temporary and permanent. A temporary exhibition can be replenished by any willing writer or illustrator. Also in the complex there is a training unit connected with books. You can learn the art of writing, illustrations, the binding of books.
The shape of the building was formed due to the influence of the surrounding space. The facade lattice hides behind itself the bulk of the building and a complex internal space, as the cover of the book hides behind its contents.