Studio Class at Umeå University
Studio Class at Umeå University

Museum Design in Chongqing China

This project was developed by as a student from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Facilities category.

While the Yangtze River divides the city into two parts and results in different distribution of the greening zone,it leads to unbalanced economic development on both sides of the river.The site is on the bend of the river,facing the majestic landscape of it.This project aims to offer a better perspective of the river and attract people in downtown going across the river to activate the undeveloped area.

Chongqing is a mountainous city with many caves.I was inspired by the spatial effect of the cave.So I wanted to maintain the concept of cave in the site where exactly had a slope along the Yanfgtze river.At the same time I bent the bottom of the building to make ite possible for people looking through the museum and having a great view of the river through the arch.

Divide the museum into three parts.The central part is used as public exhibition hall.West part is used as office area.East part is used as independent exhibition hall.Arch on both sides need to bear the load on floor.So the horizontal rod hidden in the floor to balance the side thrust.Arch on in the middle only bear  the weight of their own.The load-bearing walls on both sides form a box to balance side thrust.The staircase is hidden in the box to purify space and divide different area and streamline .