Studio Class at AA School of Architecture
Studio Class at AA School of Architecture

Nautical residence

This project was developed by Grigor Milosevic as a student from University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Residential category.

The main project of a nautical camp for students and water sports athletes.

The residential areas are divided in 2 “V” shaped rows of apartments, each “V” hosts 6 apartments for 2 people each, and are raised from a hexagonal gase geometry, which i adopted for it’s uncommonness and versatility between the square city block and organic, natural polygon, almost circular.

The site is located near the city center, with a lot of concrete buildings around it. The site is currently a small swamp forest and the project envisions it to become a hub for students and athletes, with residencies, a caffeteria and a small theatre (indoor and outdoor)

The focus is on the residentials, which are elegant, concrete and wood with green roofs. They have a living space on the ground floor and a bedroom/workstation on the gallery, that extends to a small terrace. It is made to be as green as can be and utilize the light in such a way that the students don’t experience a serious change in light, the “V’s” are oriented towards north and southwest. The aim was to make a comfortable recreation space that blends in the surrounding vegetation without eliminating it, the platform that hosts the complex is raised on pillars lying on the marshy field, and is riddled with holes that let the small trees peak upwards and provide shade. The students also have plenty of space around the residential blocks for socializing outside.

The goal was to make buildings that are interesting, blend well with both concrete and vegetation, and aren’t too interesting to hinder the students and sportsmen in their outdoors tasks and exercise, to make an oasis in the city center and liven up an abandoned river peninsula.