Studio Class at Umeå University
Studio Class at Umeå University

NO boniyaan -kasemdeh villa

This project was developed by navid naghi ganji as a student from pars architecture university and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Housing category.

New Process of  Design and Build

  • ArchitectsNPD STUDIO
  • LocationKasemdeh Village , near emam zadeh abdollah , Amol,Mazandaran.iran
  • Area85 sqm
  • Project Year2015
  • Lead designer : Navid Ganji
  • TeamMohammad amanian , ali dideban , maryam attari
  • ClientSaeed Fallah

This villa located on Kasemdeh village near of Amol city ,  we have a project that impressed from cultural architecture with consider of The combination of engineering and art . this project has a new define from entry space and innovation in combination of new material (steel on facade and roof) with traditional material (brick that located for first time in our site on the section of roof).we have new style of design for residential houses of region with distinguished character from buildings of  constructed before it,it has been the reason to create new movement and now we can see some projects on that area with improve on material , construction , design and etc , later of our project.

We had a research on question of ” how we can merge new material with traditional material without have repetitive character. And finally our team considered  inspire from Iranian vitrai glass ( orsi ) as glass of windows , and work on roof with facade as a harmonic and integrated artistic and engineering system . so We used brick as a traditional material, steel with Emphasis to entry space as modern material , wood as vernacular material as door , and merge all of them to roof and facade system.

challenge with people of that region for creation an change for design a residential house on that context (site ) and match of steel and brick on a harmonic new system with consider of problems of executive ( steel as roof cover ) , were some of our problems .

and so  for design and construct of this project we had many challenge with people and in fact we must change them mind ( shift paradigm ) for construction of it challenge.

we must see 10 years later For changes that will have on creation of new movement in that context. .


Status: Built
Location: mazandaran
My Role: Design and Build