Studio Class at AA School of Architecture
Studio Class at AA School of Architecture

PASA | Public Art Space l’Aquila

This project was developed by Matteo De Marco as a student from Università dell'Aquila - Ingegneria Edile Architettura and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Facilities category.

PASA is a Public Art Space based in l’Aquila (Italy).
Close to the christian Basilica of San Bernardino and its monumental complex and close to a historic orthogonal base neighborhood, PASA wants to create a connection with the fabric without competing with it: materials are left out undressed and raw. Light concrete thinking at the historical frame and dark steel remembering the modern world. The public entrances to the park and the exhibition hall are on the main road to the south; the library and public space on the upper floor are served by the west. On the east side, the urban park degrades toward the historic walls and overlooks the valley.
At first sight PASA is made up of two different long volumes dominating the public square which is 4 meters below, at ground floor, sitting on a glass and concrete base which almost disappears under them.
Connection, fluidity, integration are the keys of this architectural complex, relationships are generated between the city and the users through PASA.