Critique at University of Virginia
Critique at University of Virginia

Precast Concrete Design for a Food Bank

This project was developed by Sara Fernandes as a student from UPC and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Facilities category.

The Food Bank of Barcelona located at the industrial zone is a social facility for collecting and providing edibles to the population.

A simple and legible programme, a vast box that contains all of the activities in the inside organised by a series of stripes. The singularity and the beauty of this massive project remains in the ceiling.

We propose a strong design for the rooftop, with skylight illumination composed with a total of 1,260 pieces of precast concrete.

Each module’s got fair faced concrete finish. They provide the industrial unit with a strong personality, while the functional requirements are well covered. The geometry leads the rain water through gutters, contains internal thermal insulation, and even the economy of the mass-production of the piece is insured by reducing the design to a single wooden cast.

By using a precast concrete constructive system for the ceiling we provide an homogeneous illumination for the classrooms, the storage area and the offices, as well as finishing the building in less time.