Studio Class at Yale University
Studio Class at Yale University


This project was developed by as a student from D.Y PATIL COLLEGE OF ENGG. & TECHNOLOGY, DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Facilities category.


Primary school design was an academic project design for government of  Panchgani, India.

The Primary school was designed for students from I to IV standard. The design consisted of  Classrooms(for students from I to IV standard), a multipurpose hall, Library,Lab,Staffroom,Store,Playground,Parking etc.


School is a place were a individual learns, carries values, dreams for their future. So, a school is a very sensative place to design for the individual considered and remembering our own school childhood days.

Considering the space as a small K.G boy who was newly entered in the primary school crying shouting & afterbsome days he settles there. He feels happier. But after some days he observes that his senior friends are being cooler than the rest.So, he dreams of being big as their senior friends.  So, i have considered the space as the ground and the building form and ground level is designed in such a way that it shows represents growth. The building form is placed is a step position the lower standard(I std) being on a ground level as a start and the VI standard being on a height such that the student dreams of getting to the highest mark. So, my main aim was to create self upgradeness in the students mentally.The spaces are created mainly focuses on interaction, playfulness & different activities.

Locally available material is used for construction like granite stone, bricks etc. & the zoning is done in such a way that it responds to the the site climate and topography.

The name “SAHYADRI” represents the western mountain ranges of India as Panchgani is located on sahyadri mountain ranges.