Studio Class at Umeå University
Studio Class at Umeå University

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This project was developed by Gonzalo Peña as a student from Universidad de Chile and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Facilities category.

In a country developing it’s vital foresee how and where toward the city is growing, accordingly it’s important considered which ground uses or infrastructure can adapt to this urban transformation and contribute to the said grown. The implantation of new metro lines in the city of Santiago (line 6 and line 3) pretend to get people closer to different city areas, in this case Ñuble station (line 6 and 5) it will be our study case and is projected what will be the impact of the new combination and how is going to be the changes in the immediate environment, going from an abandoned ex industrial zone to a new productive zone.

Global impact
Between years 2010 and 2015, Chile positioned itself in the world map of startup promoter’s countries, in collaboration with private and public funds like CORFO, creating more than 1400 enterprises in the world market thanks to START UP Chile. This places Chile up to the top 10 of world’s accelerators and number 1 in Latin-American.

Economic impact
According to Startup’s 2016 cadaster, in Chile, the capital valorization (portfolio of new enterprises) rise to the USD1350 million and the raised capital exceed in 10 times the invest capital, (CORFO investment USD 42 million).

While, the growing and the permanence of any enterprise it’s a complex process and involve different variables and actors, Chile keep only a 30% of new enterprises created with state funds operationally, without having a physical place for specialization and tracing. The problem about the nonexistence of a physical space for the progressive scaling of multiple enterprises, it became as an opportunity and therefore as the main fundament of the project.