Studio Class at AA School of Architecture
Studio Class at AA School of Architecture

Residential Complex for Piano Studies

This project was developed by Sara Fernandes as a student from UPC and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Housing category.

Architecture as a sequence of stages:

The pianist and the pupil’s residences are presented as a gradient of the hard mix between the rock of the mountains and the trees of the woods in ‘El Garraf’ county, Catalunya; an outstanding and highly contrasted panorama.

The pianist’s private area is massif like a rock, made of rammed earth, while the student’s apartments slightly touch the ground with it’s thin wooden structure, as trees do. In this line of work, the architectural journey from the bottom to the top of the mountain is assured to be discovered not just as an accumulation of volumes and spaces, but also as an experience of evolving contrasts, materials, and light.

Pianist’s Residence:

It is organised in two different blocks -as a matter of privacy-, imitating the fragmented geometry of the rock. The rooms are arranged in different boxes as well, each of them oriented to a desired view.

The idea of an architectural voyage is incorporated also in this part of the programme, a leading path for the access made of carved rock between the mountain and the main house, and a secondary one at the other side of the house -the cliff edge-, that ties both balconies and terraces, guiding us down to the solarium area and the swimming pool.

Student’s Residences:

This complex of wooden cabins has been thought as a grape cluster, hanging from the main road. Different volumes can be found at the end of each branch, and the corridors connect those volumes with the public part of the programme, the dining pavilion, whose structure’s made of thin wooden pillars just as the cabins, and as the pines we found all around the bottom of our cliff.