Studio Class at Auburn University
Studio Class at Auburn University


This project was developed by RAHAT IBNA HASAN as a student from BANGLADESH UNIVERSITY OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, BUET and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Residential category.


In this project ,we have to built a living machine for 90- 100 family and give them maximum space for living .We should abide by the rules of the BNBC .

So I made 4 apartment per floor and more comfortable to live by the placing all the bedrooms in the south and north. Because in our country the wind comes from the south and north .I also design moveable screen (replacement of the window) because of more light to get in for the reduce of energy.

My concept was to not to make a machine for living I want to make a space for living with a recreational space .Because in our country the building s are made only for living but there are no recreational space in it. Our country is over populated and gradually we lose our breathing space. So I want to make a space where we can breath and communicate with the other people .So, I make a community space at the top of the building and its open to sky where we can feel the sun and rain and of course the beautiful changes of the seasons of our country.