Studio Class at UC Berkeley
Studio Class at UC Berkeley

Shell House

This project was developed by Ada Garaffa as a student from SDS Architettura Siracusa and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Housing category.

Shell House is a “green building”, immersed in the insular landscape of Ortigia, the heart of the city of Siracusa.

Its “dry” construction technique stems from the desire to limit impacts in the environment, favoring natural and sustainable materials such as wood, used both in structural terms and as finishing, in a logic of sustainability, including energy.

The design of this small architecture, therefore, strives to relate the techniques and the compositional tools with the “social” urgencies related to the issues of environmental sustainability, in the search for a renewed dialogue with the specifics of the landscape and the context in which it is inserted. .

Architectural and landscape emergencies, like the Castello Maniace, for example, they have been decisive in the conformation of this small living space, which is endowed with a “filter” zone, a true open-air living room, as the fulcrum of these relations between inside and outside.

To express this desire for openness to the outside, a double structure characterized by fourteen rings, defines the parietal envelopes, filtering the light and organizing the planimetric articulation towards a progressive opening towards the landscape. Slippage and dematerialization of the building envelope, are accentuated in the filter area, allowing natural light to penetrate inside the volume, through a play of light and shadows that characterize and qualify the space of the accommodation.