Studio Class at Umeå University
Studio Class at Umeå University


This project was developed by Atakan KARACA as a student from Izmir University of Economycs and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Housing category.

I’m Atakan from Izmir/Turkey and this is my 3. semester project.

I designed this house for a couple, she is a painter and he is a musician. There are two entrances in the building. When you enter from the north door, a triple height space welcomes you. On the ground floor, there is a library and a hidden space for the musician, that includes a recording studio, a bathroom, a wine cellar and a gym. This space offers complete privacy that he needed while practicing.

When you move to the first floor, there are a living space and a kitchen. Also the second entrance is from the first floor.

Moving to the second floor, there are a bedroom, a bathroom and a storage for them to put their equipment and everything. In addition, there are two slides coming from the bedroom. One of them goes to the kitchen and one of them goes to the ground floor.  Imagine the situation that; it’s the middle of a night and you get hungry, it takes only five seconds for you to reach the kitchen from your bed. The same thing exists on mornings also. After they got dressed, they can just slide down to the ground floor while watching the view. What a luxury…:)

Lastly, on the top floor there is the painter’s studio which has a stunning Izmir bay view. She needed a place which has a view in order to improve her creativity. There is also a terrace on this floor which is suitable for her to host their friends and enjoy the scenery.


  • The dimensions of the site are 13.5m to 12m and it has 20° slope.


  • The form of the building is in a relationship with the site. Curved planes on the facade exist with respect to the hills in the district.


  • There is a hierarchy between the volumes inside the building.


  • The facade is made of double glazed glass and titanium. Double glazed glass helps to block the noise coming from street, and to adjust the heat. It also creates a natural air circulation around the house.


  • The building is also environmentally friendly. Titanium on the facade cleans itself with the help of the natural light and rain water. Also the solar panels located on top of the flat surface allows the building to produce its own energy.