Critique at University of Virginia
Critique at University of Virginia

Spaces for disruptive learning. Defragmented playground.

This project was developed by María Perez Cebollero as a student from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ETSAM) and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Facilities category.

The project is situated in Madrid, in San Bernardo street. The idea arises from the need to carry out a study about current education since it is responsible for successive generations. The basis of the project is to regroup children by subject and not by age. Each classroom is prepared for a specific subject, varying the form depending on the needs.

Based on the importance of the courtyard in the configuration of the schools, this project is based on that same idea of ​​the centrality of the courtyard from which all the activity takes place. The courtyard appears defragmented in portions, so that the classrooms are located in the bottom of this parts. All the classrooms are different, because it is a disruptive school of education. These boxes are joined by slides and each one is located at a different height.

Communications cores are located in the two boundaries and the whole set is dressed in polycarbonate, similar to what happens in greenhouses, using their advantages.

It is shaped as if it were two skins, the exterior that protects children from the inclemency of the city and the interior helps to create an adequate environment for the well-being of children.