Studio Class at AA School of Architecture
Studio Class at AA School of Architecture


This project was developed by Daria Teplova as a student from Universitat de Girona (UDG) and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Facilities category.


Project task: to cover the highway, that passes through the center of Boston, is located below the level of existing buildings and divides the city into two parts, without destroying the existing transport networks (1).

To meet the challenge it is proposed to cover the highway by constructing the complex of buildings over it at the level of existing structures, while maintaining the existing bridges over the highway.

The complex consists of seven elements, which are intended for comercial space, exhibition halls, office premises, multi level parking areas. It forms the architectural ensemble of undulating shapes merging into one another.

These elements are connected by a band in the form of a streched out helix, which in some places is an overhead pedestrian passage between the buildings, in places it is a decorative element, that brings together the overall composition of various parts of the complex. (2).

For more detailed development, the central and largest part of the ensemble has been selected. (3, 4).

Video  of the model of the central part  of the complex

These buildings form an exhibition and shopping complex, part of which is reserved for office premises.

In order to provide natural ventilation, three buildings have two shells: the outer covered with sheet metal and the inner one, following the shape of the outer shell, made of concrete. The other buildings have one shell, covered with sheet metal.

Reflection of surrounding structures and colors on the shining surfaces of outer shells facilitates harmonious integration of the complex in the environment. (5).

Two central blocks are occupied by 25000 square metres shopping galleries. (6). The entrance in the galleries is through the distribution hall, that also leads to the 600 square metres exhibition hall. (7, 8).

In the centre of the trading area there is an aperture from the ground to the seventh floor with a skating rink on the ground floor. Around of the aperture are situated retail spaces and is organized traffic of visitors (9, 10).


  1. General plan of the whole complex, placed among the existing buildings.
  2. Photo of the model of the whole complex.
  3. Photo of the model of the central part of the complex.
  4. Photo 2 of the model of the central part  of the complex .
  5. 3-D model of the central part of the complex.
  6. Cross section.
  7. Facade 1.
  8. Facade 2.
  9. The ground floor plan.
  10. The second floor plan.