Studio Class at UC Berkeley
Studio Class at UC Berkeley


This project was developed by Sonia del Carmen Santana Santos as a student from Escuela de Arquitectura de la Universidad de Las Palmas G.C. and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Residential category.

The apparent chaos can be introduced at any time by modifying a system. Small variations may involve large differences in future behavior. However, this chaos can be determined by being a dynamic system able to relate to other systems with a constant exchange.

A Melenara reading at territorial scale with independent fragments capable of establishing multitude of systems. Thus, a fragment that is better able to establish links with the rest of the fragments of its surroundings. A porous and intertwined element, such as a Mat-Building, that climbs the steep slope and offers views of the interior of the island and the coast of Gran Canaria, replying to various scales.

Territorial: it allows the vision of an almost infinite element framed in the corresponding fragment of the deterministic system of Melenara. In the same way, it acts as a connector and attractor, at a lower level, of the fragments of its environment, creating a new system of relations and conections.

Urban: it relates the different points and implements new uses.

Architectural: it allows the breakdown of the domestic units and the views of the landscape from each one, thanks to the system in section. Likewise, it allows porous and mimicked reading with the repetition of two type dwellings and its system of patios and terraces.

Thus, unlike the original structure of Mat-Building, where the environment was removed from the idea, this system is oriented according to the views, the wind and the sun, and responds to its contour elements differently but with a common language. In addition, taking advantage of the concept of elevated street developed in the 1920s in collective housing, the relationship between housing and free space is enhanced respecting privacy.

The result: an urban fragment that collects characteristics of the city in the same area.