Studio Class at Umeå University
Studio Class at Umeå University

The backyard of İzmir port as provocation/GREEN REVIVAL

This project was developed by Sena Kırmız as a student from İzmir Institute of Technology and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Facilities category.

-ruin revival with public green platform

-transforming the previous Sumerbank industrial operation building into a new green, ecological complex and social platform.

Arcitecture as provocation(studio description); With the theme proposed ‘Architecture as Provocation’, expected to discuss the search of architecture that can be provocative, innovative, seminal, remarkable, striking and thus a starting point of the transformation the city Izmir. Course of actions prepared by legal authorities determine the future of the cities. They sometimes stem from the dynamics of the city which are already progressing or products of brand-new dynamics. Sometimes, change occurs as a result of mixed voices. The studio aims to understand and evaluate architecture as a tool of questioning the future of the cities, development strategies through responding or criticizing spatial proposals. Can a building bring incitement to the city? Can architecture incite and activity? Is architecture an effective catalyst? What is provoking in Izmir?

Provocative aspect; The result of urbanization and industrialization, getting away from human essence and its nature. As a resulting of urbanization, destruction and disappearance of nature and green.

Proposal; Provocative green approach with nature elements. Aim to create open, interactive, collective and productive spaces with social and ecological activities in green. Architectural promenade in forest for exhibiting and sensing nature with walking, cycling, resting etc.

Land choice approach; Land proposal is Sümerbank Basma Sanayi İşletmesi, near to natural potantial meles stream. Green and industrialized always in relationship. Green areas that are industrialized to prevent pollution So historical heritage ruin of industrial periphery and green relationship in the land of Sümerbank.

Design approach; Elevated on the historical walls; Passive above the historical walls while accomodating interior related programs in the voids of the ruins.

Mass strategy; Ruin revival; ruin walls of historical heritage in the site, reuse as a trace for new proposal.