Studio Class at Auburn University
Studio Class at Auburn University

The Dance Of Simplicty

This project was developed by Emir emirbayer as a student from Izmir universty of economics and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Housing category.

An Urban Habitation in İzmir



In this project, you are asked to design an urban habitation for a creative couple in Izmir. Your clients are two active professionals who want you to design their house near the Asansör area of İzmir. They have grown children (and even grandchildren) and many friends from around the world who often visit. They love to travel, entertain and socialize. They are well educated (architecturally).The clients are both in creative professions (see the list of occupations below) and the residence must also function as a work space for both of them. The clients also want you to develop outdoor space where possible.


The Clients (choose one pair from the list below):

Dancer/Choreographer & Sculptor




Asansör is a historical building in Karataş quarter of İzmir. It was built in 1907 in order to ease passage from the narrow coastline of Karataş to the hillside, the elevator within the building serving to carry people and goods through the steep cliff between the two parts of the quarter. In time, the small street that led to the building also came to be known under the same name, Asansör Street (Asansör Sokağı). In the 1940s, one of the residents of the street was the famous singer Dario Moreno. It was recently restored and since then, became one of the landmarks of İzmir. The street was renamed Dario Moreno Street in memory of the singer.


Although the quality of buildings and public spaces in the area are currently rather poor, the neighbourhood seems to be thriving and it is likely to improve in the coming years. The couple have options on three sites, all of which are directly facing the main street above the historical Asansör (See the Site Plan). You will be designated one of these sites based on our initial site visit on which to work up proposals. Your designs should make a positive contribution to the area and perhaps act as a catalist for its rehabilitation.


The municipality will allow overhangs and porches extending up to one meter beyond the building envelope and a minimum of 2,4 meters height above a walkway. In terms of maximum building height, you should respect to the surrounding buildings so that your building does not fully block their sea view, daylight and wind.