Critique at University of Virginia
Critique at University of Virginia


This project was developed by DİLAN ERDOĞAN as a student from İZMİR INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Facilities category.

Studio description; With the theme proposed ‘Architecture as Provocation’, expected to discuss the search of architecture that can be provocative, innovative, seminal, remarkable, striking and thus a starting point of the transformation the city Izmir. Course of actions prepared by legal authorities determine the future of the cities. They sometimes stem from the dynamics of the city which are already progressing or products of brand-new dynamics. Sometimes, change occurs as a result of mixed voices. The studio aims to understand and evaluate architecture as a tool of questioning the future of the cities, development strategies through responding or criticizing spatial proposals. Can a building bring incitement to the city? Can architecture incite and activity? What is provoking in Izmir?

Provocative aspect; Every day, People are exposed to many stimulants and limiters which are money,time ,speed, advirtesiment,urbanization otorities, religion etc.As a result of these, people are getting dedifferentiation , mechanization, alienation to each other and themselves. Consequently the individual get lost within this system. Whereas individuate is being free , original and self-conscious.

Proposal; to create fraction points for person that get lose within the system.These fraction points are expression themselves ,individual awareness and cooperation others.

Land choice approach; the chosen land is subway station in the city center. Reason of these selection is that  In this area people don’t pause ,interact to each other and also speed , time and money are so important.

Design approach; to make pause and experience of designed building(to express, individual awareness and cooperation others) possible  with the help of circulation elements for people that get on/off tube in subway station.

Mass strategy;there is only circulation elements on the ground floor  for pedestrian circulation. The terraces on the first and seccond floor and  permeable facade provide interaction with and involvement of pedestrain to designed building.