Studio Class at UC Berkeley
Studio Class at UC Berkeley

The school of light

This project was developed by Polina Boldyreva as a student from MARCHI and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Facilities category.

The school of light is a kind of glass sculpture of the future, where educational life receives special comprehension. The decision of the facades is a hint at the intersecting rays of the sun. Surfaces,which are different in terms of translucence and light reflection, create an outstanding atmosphere. This project is a figure rising up to the sun; its light perimeter is increased in comparison with usual parameters ordinary school.
Its spaces are particularly magnificent, especially the interiors and its atmosphere. There are sculptural motifs – whether it’s a central ornate ramp, curved walls and their language of plastics. Airiness and a sense of light inside, as well as outside, are created also due to the glass with different types of coating. In this school of future one can find architectural “pores” – which, as if with light, penetrate the whole body of the sculpture. Each of the plans has its own character and plasticity, history and model of behavior.
Light does not exist without shadow – an important sculpture in this space is the amphitheater – it’s like an introvert sculpture, where the twilight reigns. This project is located in the ZIL section, in Moscow. The school of light is a kind of reminiscence for the “Hermitage”, projected by Hani Rashid.
This school of light is a kind of manifest of new life, new system of education and unique approach to this considerably important period of life, time of school education. Pupils’ appreciation of this process depends on their emotional and intellectual impressionability, which is partly formed by architecture.