Pinup at Newcastle University
Pinup at Newcastle University

Theatre for Peeping-Campus Theatre in Sun Yat-Sen University

This project was developed by as a student from South China University of Technology and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Facilities category.

This is a new theatre built on the original campus of Sun Yat-Sen University.
Campus Context        The theatre answers to the plan of campus. While the transparent main facades focus on the Identifiability of the theatre, making the theatre a beacon on the hill.
Space experience      Two symmetric halls , which close to the auditorium, reverse the
outdoor space. The audience pass through the loggia when the drama ends, making the halls a agora containing spontaneous activity.
Deformation               In consideration of the human scale, several corridors pass through the deformed spaces based on the former palazzo parti in order to open the closed auditorium.
Construction              Based on the open atmosphere, the structure, material and details are treated in order to make a space with high quality and communication fitness.

This is a transform experiment about the ways in watching drama.
Peeping                         The representation of modern drama is based on the relationship of peeping,
that is : the audience watch through the Proscenium, making it becomes the connection of the audience and the drama world.
Perception                  Inspired by Adolf Loos’ Raumplan, elevate the floors by 1.2m and recombine the relationship between auditorium and small rooms. People in small spaces need to look outside to extend their ranges of perception, which result in peeping relationships.
Reversion                    By means of the relationships of Peeping , the identities of users have reversed. Audience, who were defined as peepers when watching drama, has become actors in other spaces of the theatre and, in return, other users like students and actors, become peepers.