Studio Class at AA School of Architecture
Studio Class at AA School of Architecture


This project was developed by Giuseppe Andrea Maggio as a student from Università di Parma and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Residential category.

This project is part of a masterplan called “MasterTOWN” which is developed by professionals of the building sector in Parma. The project area is located in the central part of Parma.

ANALYSIS OF THE URBAN SYSTEM The square, in the urban system in question, represents and at the same time fulfils two of the three types of centrality that in antiquity structured the social systems and marked the life of the polis; they overlap and interweave the primary functions of commerce and politics.
THE PROJECT: THE PIACE The intervention is structured on a new axis of position, aligning itself with the direction that connects the first arch of the “runner” of the monumental Pilotta complex, to the perspective backdrop of the planned building, reconstituting a more balanced spatial relationship, in which the building itself finds a more monumental and representative centrality. The insertion of a dry deck fountain is in a central position, favouring the vision of water games from any angle, aligning itself on the main route, giving rise to a new perspective, both in the direction of the main axis and in the direction of the new urban routes that find fulcrum in the square.

IL PROGETTO: The “CUTTING” of the dry deck fountain and small square submissive to the road level, is generated by the trapezoidal shape of one of the external pillars of the building under examination and marks a luminous and linear breach that, at dusk, follows the profile of the building and suggests the continuation of urban pathways upgraded, re-reading the light trail imprinted in the floor, through the installation of LED strips.