Studio Class at Auburn University
Studio Class at Auburn University

Under the roof——the exploration of high density residence

This project was developed by as a student from Tongji University and was submited to the WAS awards 2017 under the Residential category.

The site is located in a town in the suburb of Shanghai, China. The town is a typical type of Chinese region of rivers and lakes. This project is aimed to build a residential district on a market, to discuss a special type of living in China, which have a high density of population. Therefore, my project is designed to build a residential district of high density but comfortable, and to some extent, cope with the living tradition and building type in this ancient town.

The program takes the roof as the main element and reproduces the unique elements of the sloping roof in a new way. At the same time, it provides diverse space under the eaves and plenty of residents ‘and citizens’ activities. It is intended to arouse the roof as a familiar element for local residents The memory of the town’s life brings new vitality to this space.

Program using the two-tier platform level by level, forming a layer of layers down, layers of progressive roof, outward singled out different lengths of eaves, it brings a variety of walking experience, and the town streets intermittent Eaves echoes. Scattered in the form of height, the formation of residential eaves, farms eaves, outdoor shed three organic combination of three-dimensional roof system.
Only four basic units, but combined with each other after deformation, it brings a variety of residential types. Residential “Z” form a group, relative to the second floor of the public platform part of the upgrade, in order to ensure the privacy of residential buildings, the outline of residential groups will be formed by a two-tier platform narrow street, small square and white residential public space, which also And the ancient town streets and bridges, wharves and other public space space echoes.

The market is organized under the projection section of the second floor of the housing project. The remaining space is open to public space and is equipped with various functions: a coffee bar, an open air cinema, a fitness area, a free street vendor area and a children’s activity area. The step-by-step uplift of the residential platform brings side lighting to the vegetable farms. Some of the small squares in the second floor are open to the outside and correspond to the activities in the public space, resulting in the vertical interaction between residents and citizens.

Set along the streets of the height of the sheds scattered, and residential and market pick the eaves of the staggered with each other, forming a circle along the outer edge of the market along the intermittent walking experience.