Studio Class at AA School of Architecture
Studio Class at AA School of Architecture

Welcome to the
2017 WAS awards

If you are or have been enrolled as an architecture student during 2017 we are glad to see you here.

We are sure you’ll have a bunch of great projects you’ve worked on during the last year and we want to see your best!

The WAS awards are FREE to join and will not only give you the opportunity to win some really cool prizes for work you’ve already done but they will also allow you to see where you stand not only against your classmates but also against other students from other schools in other places, some of which will have very different points of views and approaches to architecture than yours.

The WAS awards are a place to share, win, learn and keep growing as an architect. Welcome to the WikiArquitectua Student Awards 2017!


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Not all architecture
is the same

We know not all architecture is the same, and since you can’t compare apples with oranges the projects submitted to the WAS awards will compete in three different categories

  • Housing

    The housing award will evaluate single homes projects or reduced complexes of individual houses

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  • Residential

    The residential award will evaluate apartment buildings and other forms of multi-family housing

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  • Facilities

    Public and private projects including; museums, libraries, sport complexes and others

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Each student is allowed to submit their best work to each of the three categories but can only submit one project per category

A devoted and
reliable jury

This is what you can expect from the WAS awards jury

  • No

    No project is less important than the other. Therefore the jury will go through every single project equally

  • No

    There will be no time limit for the jury to spend on a single project. The whole selection process will take weeks if that’s what it takes!

  • Personal

    The jury will provide personal feedback for each project, giving you meaningful insight on which were the keys of your project

Most architecture competitions and awards for students pick their winners in just a few hours after the jury receives a handful of shortlisted projects. That’s what happens when you get some “star architect” in the jury… they are busy people and they just don’t have the time to look at every single project or actually spend significant time on any of them.

At WikiArquitectura we believe that’s neither fair nor the best learning experience and that’s why we’ve decided to replace those “star architects” with a devoted selection of our own team with decades of combined experience in professional architecture, research and teaching.

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Mark it on your

Joining the WAS Award 2017 during any registration period and submiting your work is FREE, but the sooner you join the more benefits you’ll get! 😉

  • Special Registration
    Sep 18th
    Nov 5th
    50% off Complementary Products
  • Early Registration
    Nov 6th
    Nov 26th
    25% off Complementary Products
  • Regular Registration
    Nov 27th
    Dec 17th
  • Submission Deadline
    Jan 8th
  • Winners Announcement
    Feb 26th

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products and

Taking part in the WAS awards is FREE, however we would also like to make available some complementary products which do have a cost.

  • Participation certificate

    This is a participation certificate with your name, printed on high quality paper and hand signed by a member of the jury, shipped to your home address.

    29€ (tax included)

  • Jury feedback

    Personalized feedback from the jury. Meaningful insight on which were the key aspects that made them consider or discard your project (roughly 300 words).

    49€ (tax included)

This cost is meant to cover printing and shipping costs as well as additional time that the jury and other members of our team will have to spend drafting, composing, packaging and shipping products.

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A few things
you might find useful

and a big
thank you!

We want to thank everyone who makes the WAS awards 2017 possible


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